Lightsaber Dueling

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Wow thats really incredible.

    It was so well choriographed(sp).

  2. friggin' awsome!
  3. what program do you guys use for the effects?

    *you guys should record a fight scene while with smoking/smoking tricks for the grasscity movie, since you guys have the $100 lightsabers and all
  4. you can use adobe after effects or premier
  5. One of you tech guys have to do a video editing 101.

    I'd really love to learn some of this stuff. Alot of ideas in this head, no good medium.
  6. Mad skills son, tht shit iz off the hook I wish I could do all that. JOE>
  7. That was really impressive, imagine if they had "bongsabers" instead:smoke:
  8. ^^^like in jay and silent bob strike back.

    silent bob battling mark hamil. the best is when he stops and rips the bongsaber...hilarious.
  9. Yeah man, thats the first thing i thought of when I read the title of the post:smoking:
  10. we use after effects. my bro is only 15 so i'm not gonna get him into smoking just yet but maybe me and UF-Toker will do something and i'll have my brother edit it.

    check out for some other videos of ours.
  11. 15 and not ready to smoke? when did you start?
  12. 15 or 16 lol. he's like crazy church, DARE, right now (which isnt a bad thing at all) but i dunno. maybe i'll bring it up to him over the summer.... UF-Toker wants to get him crunk and stupid lol. i dunno. the fuckers taller than me now
  13. that stuff is acually like insanly easy to do. the hard part is its sooo boring sitting there editing it frame by frame.
  14. innnnnnnnnnnsane

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