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  1. im starting to grow a plant its like 7 inches tall would 1. 150 watt cfl and 1. 80 watt cfl be enough to grow one plant?
  2. from what I have "searched for" the amount of light depends on the size of the grow room. In this case yes you would have enough to grow this one plant.
  3. u think it will be good enough for flowering to?
  4. it would probably survive .. wouldnt expect much more to be honest
  5. how much light do u need form one plant?
  6. i think it wll work thats more then i have and i grew a good ammount of bud!
  7. one crazy thing i have heard was that this kid grew one plant in a small area with 2 filament bulbs. One was a 100 watt soft white and the other was a 60 watt soft light. I told him that i have no idea if it would continue growing. but it looks healthy...
  8. i say go for it, if it starts to turn funny colors..than add more lol (sorry im not too educated in growing) just pay close attention to it and give it a shot
  9. If your growbox is only a few feet,and you get good reflection[hood] I see no problem in growing out and flowering it with the wattage you have.Although I do suggest no light leaks [because you can't spare to loose light] Maybe down the road you may want to add more light,especially in flowering.
  10. well i also have an other plant in flowering rite now on the same amount of wattage

  11. yeah i actually read that, it was in the Hall of Frame in Forums and yeah he grew a really good ammount of bud from flours which was amazing!

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