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  1. im lookin for an answer on how much light is enought but not to much im goin to use 1000 watts lights for my next grow idk how much area that covers and can i put smaller lights around the plants for extra light? i was told more light bigger buds but i dont wanna over do it wat is the perfect amount of light for the green giants not lil shit hole plants lol any addvice apprecrated
  2. A 400watt HPS will grow you some nice bud.
    The rest is knowing how to feed and what to look for, which simply takes some experience.
  3. i also say go with a 400 watt hps also. should be plenty unless you have a huge garden. im going to introduce you to danny danko. he has a pretty good idea for lighting compared to spaces. Danny Danko's Get Growing Now: A Beginners Guide although my space is a little under 5'x5' and i got a 400w hps. your on the right track tho. HID lights are where it's at.
  4. i finished my last grow a couple months ago wit a 400 watt light but im lookin to do a whole room this time
  5. I think a combination of a hid and a few cfl's would work well. The cfl's are a good addition because you can point them wherever your hid isn't hitting.
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    then get 2 or 3 600's

    they are the most efficient.

    watch your wattage levels though. you're playing with the big boys, and the last thing you need is to blow up on infrared, your electric company, or a fire from circuit overload.


    the sun hits 10,000 lumen on the ground. you're going to be hard pressed to catch up with that no matter what you do and it's not happening with a 400w. That's for sure.
  7. thanks for the help everyone
  8. n yea im tryin to step my game up n do some big grows n im goin to use a generator for this next grow anyone no any good brands ?

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