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  1. Hello everyone!
    I have a quick lighting question. heres the scenario. i plan on growing in a small shed attached to the garage. Now I know Hid lighting is the best blah blah... but i have a few halogen lamps laying around and i was wondering if i should throw them up around the plants in addition to 400 watt hourtlux hps bulb. i figured it might warm things up a little (ny/nj area this time of year = chilly nights) but do the lamps provide any other advantage? more light = more buds right? thanks!
  2. Space is about 5 foot wide 4 foot long and 8 feet high....i found a 175 watt mh light laying around so iam going to use that for veg along with a flour here and there. I planned on having the 12/12 cycle so the light was on at night and off day...that should balance temps ok....BTW iam only growing 2 plants in there so iam planning on gettin a 400w HPS for flowering.. any other suggestions for increased buds? thanks for the sharing of experience...O yea Hey woody NICE pics on thye other board....true source of incentive my friend.
  3. As woody said,,scrap the halogen..

    Seal up the walls/door of that shed(no light escapes).If you grow in an "outbuilding" ie, any structure not attached to the main building or structure,,,please think security...Outbuildings,garages,etc. are not generally considered private.

    Make sure the bulb of that 175w is a MH not can make a reflector to hold both bulbs,,your hortilux,,and the 175.providing much spectrum availability. On at night ,,off in day will help with the heat problem,,or one of the space saver ceramic heaters sold everywhere. It's getting warmer ,,soon the heat won't be a problem...good luck

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  5. well i live in a pretty rural area. I dont really see security being a problem but i might paddlock the door for ease of mind. iam starting the seeds now inside iam gonna let them get a little stronger before i move them out. thanks again!

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