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  1. I just happened to notice that the light I'm using in my flowering cabinet is a mercury vapor not a metal halide does this matter. If so I can switch it with my new light, Just got ahold of a 150 w high pressure sodium light, only two plants in flowering right now, and three in seedling/veg stage. I guess I would like to know by your experiences which light helps which stage the best. I've read my book and I just want some growers knowledge also. by the way the merc light is 175 watt.
  2. Get rid of the MV....or at least the can be replaced with a metalarc or multivapor many be sure I would need the "ballast" type,and manufacturer.
    If you are flowering...HPS should be used...HPS has been proven to work for the whole grow..on many strains.

    Flourescents are the best for seedlings/clones/mother plant

    I prefer to use MH for the veg stage,,,adding HPS when flowering,,

  3. Ok the ballast has these designations on the side: Mfg. Leen and Assoc./ Cat.No. L-MV175/ 175w H39 Mercury Lamp/ Input 120v 60Hz 3.5A/ CLass 180(H).

    Each slash Designates a different line, nowhere on the box or in the literature does it say anything about different types of bulbs. I have four 4' flouros that i can switch with the HPS lamp, so that I can use that one on the flowering plants until We figure out the adaptability of the MV ballast.

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