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  1. im going to grow my plants under hps lights and was wondering if adding a few flours would help the growth of the plants? If so what type of flours and how big?
  2. How many plants do you have in mind and what wattage of HPS? I doubt if fluro's would add something extra to the grow process, but it certainly won't hurt. If you really want to do it from to 'the book' you should start with MH and flower with HPS. However, it's common practise to go HPS all the way.
  3. i'm gonna grow around 20 plants and use flouros for the veg. stage then switch over to hps lights for the flowering stage, does this sound good? i heard flours are better for veg. growth. is this true?

  4. To grow 20 plants (sea of green style) you need a 600 watt HPS for good results. Vegging with fluro's is ok as long if you use a bunch of them and hang them as low as possible above the plants; say 3". Basically the spectrum of fluro's is better for vegging as hps, but usually this advantage disappears because of the lack of lumen output because most ppl use too less fluro's. In your case you could start with low positioned fluro's and a distant hps and while the grow process continues, lower the hps every other day and switch to only hps as soon as they are ready for flowering.
    Good luck.
  5. if you have fluros and HPS lights, why not use them both? the more lights the better, to paraphrase woody.

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