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  1. Can i grow like say 4 plants with one light producing 800 lumens or how many lumens are needed per plant?
  2. I think I read somewhere that the minimum recommended light intensity is 2700 lumens per square foot.

  3. yea and the recommended is 10k lumens per plant, the minimum is 5k per plant.
  4. damn well im growing in storage tote for veg part what would someone recommend for it. like how many lights and what kinda wattage etc.

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  5. What are the dimensions of the box?

    If you do LST, then that should maximize the penetration of the CFL's lumens, because CFL's aren't as intense as the more professional HID/HPS/MH systems. In any event, the amount of lumens is directly proportional to heat and space and growth of your plants.
  6. its 2l 1w 1d i added a cpl lites till i get some more money now i got like 4000 lum

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