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  1. HIGH ALL,
    Ive finally tracked down sum lights :), they are 18w compact flourescents and give out 1200 lumens each.since my grow room is tiny (2.5 foot high) (1 foot wide) (1 foot deep), im only gonna try and grow 1 plant :( .I got seeds from some weed i came across and they look ok.I live in ireland and hps lights are available but very expensive, about $300 dollars for a 100w bulb only :(
    If any1 knows how many of these compact flouros i should use , please dont hesitate to reply
    Over and Out!
  2. for a room of only 1x1 then you'll need at least 2 of them lights.....2000-3000 lumens per plant and per foot squared......Peace out....Sid
  3. This is not a criticism, just an observation:

    $300 seems awfully high for a bulb. Here's a link I found in less than 30 sec. - 400 MH bulb, reflector, and ballast all for just $165US. I'm sure I could find it cheaper if I surfed harder...

    Good luck!
  4. I Checked the Link and its cool to know sum1 is lookin out for a bargain :),but the only problem with it is its voltage rating.Over here we use 220v and i think thats 110v and id have to go to the hassle of finding a step-down Transformer and im really lazy when it comes to doing sumtin like that.
    Good Looking out though ;) , if u find sumtin thats made for european voltage ,dont hesitate to let me know.
    Over & Out!
  5. Get a bigger room, man! 2x2 feet should accomodate three nice spiral compacts (42 watts, daylight color). You need to visualize lighting the plants as they get bigger. You need to have provisions to mount and move the lights and plants around. But definitely more space. Try for 3' high, 2x2' .
  6. try then look under ballast section.... very cheap d.i.y. kits starting from 35 watt mh and hps all the way up to a 1000 watter. A 400 hps will set you back 60 bucks for the ballast and then anywhere from 15 to 60 bucks for the bulb depending on which one you choose.

    Of course a 400 is way over board for what you need but I was just giving an example. Although, if you could make your space a little bigger say 5 x2 x2 then you can get away with a 400.... I know I did... along with a 250 watt mh both in cool tubes with temps never going over 80 degrees F.

    Hope it helps. Oh yeah, shipping is a little slow, took about 3 weeks to receive order so if your in a rush maybe not the best choice. good luck. D
  7. DVS, good lookin out man, im gonna check it out after i post this.
    I definitely need more space man, im gonna increase the width to 3ft, but i cant do anything yet, to the depth and height.thats why im gonna try SOG until i can raise the cash and make a nice stealth cabinet.
    Cheers for the help guys!
  8. It's nice to cuzz there ballast kits are pretty much wired already.... just gotta add the power cord and socket, plus it's multi-tap so you can hook up whatever voltage you want.
  9. Very good link DVS, ive found a 250w hps and ballast for $58.43 without shipping,
    Im gonna order that as soon as i get the money to make my stealth cabinet.
    Right now though im gonna have to use flouros, but im gonna be kicking out 7200 lumens when i start, not bad at all huh?
    Cheers for the help DVS
  10. Don't forget the bulbs not included..... if you order the bulb form there don't get the cheap one.

    7200 lumens???? you mean with the floro's right??? are those compacts? or reg. tubes???

    it's funny..... I've got about 60-70,000 lumens in my little box.

    I swear I can land an airplain with it if I needed to.
  11. the landing an airplane.....i know how you feel, i've got 800w HPS and 150w MH in a growroom of 4x4......Peace out.....Sid
  12. I can top that, heh, heh - I've got about 110,000 lumens blazing down on a 4 sq. ft. area - 27,500 lumens per sq. ft. -

    A buddy of mine remarked that it was "kinda like standing on the face of Mercury..."

  13. hopw highs your room?....the temp must be a pain in the ass! out....Sid
  14. The room is about 10 ft. high. But temps are not a problem, the ambient temp outside the grow area is approx. 45-50 deg. F and I have good venting out the top - convection takes care of overheating and air circulation - no artifical venting or circulation needed. The plants friggin' love it!
  15. what kind of lights are you running????
  16. 1,000 watt metal-halide on top, and a side-firing 250W HPS - they came to me (free!) from a buddy who's a guest of our fine penal system here in Amerika. He asked me to "hold onto them" while he was "vacationing" - I said "sure thing, bud, mind if I use 'em in your absence?"

    He, of course, said "Fuckin-A!!"

    Fight the Power....
  17. Ok so my gear looks shit compared to yours, I am not worthy of your advice!....
    its only gonna cost me $35 for the whole thing, that is probably the cheapest grow ever, Im using shitty seeds so im just getting some practice and maybe some bud?
    Hopefully next time i wanna do it properly, and i have my eye on belladonna, its high is supposed to be of a hallucinogenic(is that spelt right?) nature.
    Ok im so so stoned right now its not even funny, a very heavy tiring lazy kinda bang
    I cant wait to stop smoking this crappy hash, i dont even wanna know wots in it,
    Incase i forget,
    1) the temp in the grow space is usually between 20-23C without any lights or ventilation, is this gonna be too hot or cold or what?

    K, Over and Out!
  18. man you had to fry my brain with that one, while my thermometer is broke...."don't ask"...and no i didn't insert it for approx 70-80 degrees farenheit, so i can't remember what that is in, but your thermo will have both anyway......Peace out....Sid
  19. Cheers for the advice y'all
    I cant wait till i get a proper amount of space and proper lighting. ...........
    until then im gonna have to stick with what ive got.(God damn it!)
    May your harvests be plentiful,

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