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  1. what best light to grow 7 to 10 plants and how many light would i neesld

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  2. how big is "7 to 10 plants"? in 1 gallon pots or ten gallon pots? Easisest way to pick a light is first determine coverage area. But, to cut to the chase, best light out there is the 600w mh/hps they sell on ebay or amazon for less than $200 including hangars, timer and spare bulb. Under one of those I am confident you can grow 4 plants in the traditional manner. More if you get fancy.
  3. oh i heard about them

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  4. I have a 48x24x60 inch tent with a 2x4 2 bulb t5 light for growing and a 600w blue light for flowering. is the light too big for my tent and am I doing this correctly
  5. Why 600w? What about the 1000w high pressure sodium bulbs?

    He wants to know the best lighting for 7 - 10 plants. And i would like to know also.

    i had read in another thread here that (2) 600w HPS bulbs would be better than (1) 1000w HPS bulb.
    But why not just buy (2) 1000w HPS bulbs?

    Is that too much lighting for small sized setups?

    Also another different question since it was brought up. How do i determine which size gallon pots to get?
  6. I got a wing light fixture, dimmable/digital ballast, cords, hangers, and both 1000w MH and HPS bulbs from Amazon for $173 with free shipping. IMO, that's the best light deal around. I tweaked the wing to cover a bit more ground. Two 600's would give a bigger footprint of light on the floor. The bigger the footprint the more pots you can put under it, within reason of course.

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