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  1. Thinking of growing in a metal cupboard thats about 1.5m tall and was wondering what shall I do for lights? Would a lamp work with a uv bulb in?????
  2. It would be best using CFL lights as these are work very well in small areas
  3. Are they expensive to run? can I just put them into a lamp?
  4. Cfl lights are very cheap to run and can be cheap to buy multiple low watt lights but your best buying a dual 125w cfl light for around 30 pound and will be about 3 pound a month to run if that
  5. How would i power it though?would I have to do any wiring? or just plug in?
  6. Are fans essential? What purpose do they serve?
    I saw in a documentary about them strengthening the stems, is that why?
  7. Will one light be enough?
  8. Yes fan's are essential tgey keep good are flow and ventilation it does also strengthen the stem and yes you can use just one if it's dual spectrum and the rule of thumb is 100w for the first plant and an extra 50w per plant
  9. I read that opening up where the plant is a few times a day is enough to not need a fan ???
  10. My first grow had nothing but a 120cfm fan and passive intake, I lst'd the plant open with 9 strong branches. So there may be some truth to that but that was just my experience. I since have added a fan but have yet to start a new grow.

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