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  1. I am germinating some seeds at the moment. once the seeds are planted at what point do i start using the lights and what is the lighting sequence i use as i have been told so many different things. 12 on 12 off 16 on 8 off really getting confusing so thought that i would ask the experts. :confused:
  2. Plants need light as soon as they pop out of the soil. If it has leaves, it needs light.

    Veg light cycles are most often 24/0, 20/4, or 18/6. Vegetative light cycle is a rather debated subject. Any of these will work, but some people believe plants need rest and some don't. I say try all three over a few grows and see which you like best.

    12/12 is the light cycle used to cause flowering in photoperiod strains. With these strains, flowering will not begin until the plant has an adequate dark period. Different strains of photo plants will flower with different amounts of darkness but a 12 hour dark period every 24 hours will flower pretty much all of them.

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