lights too close?

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  1. hi all want to know if light to close can cause bending like this at 27 inches?

    led true (240wats)
    right now using veg switch only

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  2. after i put some soil around the stem

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  3. Just turn the pot around each day till it's corrected, mine did the same - the distance is okay.. hmm actually mine was that distance @ 710 watts - maybe move it down a couple of inches and see how she goes, but also then the pot around.
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  4. A 240W LED should be okay at 8 inches so long as you can control the heat.
    They are stil very young so maybe start at 16 inches n work down from there .

    I Have used a 400W HPS Light 10 inches from a seedling your size and no problems ;)

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