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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chronic_dry_eye420, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. What kinda lights do I need? I'm on a pretty low budget.

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  2. CFL's are normally used for low budget grows which is fine, but you can get a 250w or 400w HPS HID combo for $100 or less. HPS is generally way better than CFL. CFL bulbs can get expensive too plus you have to buy multiple sockets for the bulbs and normally it adds up to the same price as the $100 you would spend on the HPS lighting. So IMO I would just purchase an HPS from.
  3. cheapest good light is the 400w mh/hps they sell on ebay or amazon. But if I was starting out I would just buy a cheap chinese led. It will be cheaper in the long run.
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  4. Can you maybe post a link to some recommended cheap Chinese LEDs? I've only come across the super expensive, high-quality boutique grow lights in my past week of research. I'm interested in LEDs for the energy consumption savings but, don't need the top of the line stuff just yet.
  5. Bruh look up Mars hydro led. They're cheap and there's plenty of people on these forums that grow with them including myself.

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  6. Yeah I had looked those up already. I agree there cheaper than most others I've sen but still kind of expensive compared to MH or HPS. I have an 11 X 6 space and would like to get 8-12 plants growing in that space. What do you think I would need if I went with the Mars LEDs? Probably two of the 1600W ones right?
  7. Depend on the money situation

    got money go straight to amazon for a digital Mh/HPS 400w is good

    no cash make a cfl rig of 6-8 bulbs of 50/50 cool white and warm white

    good luck
  8. mars hydro 300watts.
    70 dollar and
    for 2 137

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