Lights and keeping them cool

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by JBkmkbaker420, May 10, 2011.

  1. So I am a newbie first timer for hydro growing and am going to use an emilys garden aeroponics sys. w a 600w hps. Planter sys is good for six plants, saw in various you tube videos lights with venting and fan wondering why its needed and if so where can you get theseitems at
  2. H.I.D. lights, expecially higher wattage ones, create a great deal of heat. If nothing is done about it, the lamp will need to be positioned far away to avoid burning the plant tops and you waste the light.

    Fans can be bought at many places. Home Depot, Ebay, Walmart, etc.
  3. What about the venting ive seen in various youtube videos the light fixture having venting going to the wall or floor and on the other end venting hooked to a fan is this necessary or can you have fans just blow at the plants and lights general area. How many fans might one need for six plants. Thanks for the response
  4. Air blowing through a typical lamp doesn't flow straight through. It flows around reflectors and electronics. If you just aimed a fan at the side of the average lamp, the air would just bounce off the lamp sides and very little would actually get into the lamp's vent opening. If the fan, instead of blowing at the lamp, pushed or pulled air through a duct, then roughly 100% of the airflow would make it into/out of the lamp's vent openings.

    If you were to rip the sides & reflectors off the lamp so that it's just a hollow triangle with only a bulb inside, then you could just blow a fan at it.

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