Lights after germination

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  1. 2 days later my seeds are like .5 inch out of the soil and was not expecting that cause the hydro systems will be up in a few days or sooner now.

    but I read somewhere that once they sprout thus they are now in the vegatative stage and lights can be allplied so I have it still my homemade greenhouse which hovers above tempurture controlled water that matians 86-87 Degrees inside, but now that I have sprouts I have Compact florsents over it with the correct spectrum and a HQI MH over it as well..

    Should I KILL the lights or should I allow some light. I am spraying with water and humidy is HIGH.
  2. Well, I shutdown the Halides, they are just too extreme right now but I left he power compacts running, which are 2ft 55watt bulbs, I have them combined with 1 attinic (blue) 1 10,000K.
  3. On my bucket i used same 2 compacts until it was a good 6 inches tall and had a huge glass dome over it at all times for humidity.... after that i put it under the halides with no dome. they laughed but im busy smoking it as we speak ;)
  4. Well since my first post, 4 hours later and ive seen growth allready, lol so I assume it is fine to leave the compacts running.
  5. UP ^^

    must be a simple question for a lot of you out there..

    help me please before I burn these things up.

    I have 4 55watt Power compacts running 2 attincs/2 10k with the 250HQI halide running which is also 10,000K. 250hqi is more like a standard 400watt single sided halide.
  6. I'm kinda confused on your lights.... the compacts will most likely be fine as long as they don't fall on the plant, but i'd wait a while before putting them under the halide. don't wanna burn your babies up like I just did with my HPS :[ that doesn't necessarily mean they would with you, but just be careful. better safe than sorry. I had to order new seeds. hooray for wasting money.
  7. Lights are fine. As long as you have a fan blowing at the plants and the lights they will be ok.
    P.S. Nice Benz in your Signature.
  8. hello i have recently acquired a security lamp which contains a 70 watt Hqi bulb that ballast is in the light fitting and states that it can be used up 2 100 watts. will this lamp be of use to me looking to bring on seedlings indoors after propergator b4 putting them into my green house or is this type of lamp more suited for flowering ????all replys would be appreciated
    best regards to all

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