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Lights, Action, Camera!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 1, 2003.


Will Ashley Judd take an interest in BPP now that he is set to become a movie actor?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. In your dreams! :D

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  4. Keep on smoking and dreaming big! ;)

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  1. If anyone here can remember a week or two ago, I mentioned that I got a call from the production staff of a Tim Burton movie they are filming nearby. Yes, BPP got a casting call to come in be fitted for a wardrobe in the movie "The Big Fish". The movie kinda reminds me of "Forrest Gump" with all these crazy scenes and flashbacks and from what I found out it seems to be a good movie not some straight to video release.

    So last Friday I slip off from work and head to town to get fitted. I get there and am told that I am going to be in the big circus scene, hell yeah, Lions, tigers, fire eaters, bearded ladies, etc, the whole big deal. The scene starts shooting in a couple of weeks but I won't be there until the last week of the scene. Danny Devito and Ewan McGregor are the two stars that will be filming the scene. My role, just some guy standing around so far.

    Sounds like fun??? Not so fast kiddies!!! Shoting starts up early and I will have to be there around 4:30 am everydday for the shooting. Shooting last at least 10 to 12 hours everyday. And I get paid minimum wage of $5.15 an hour. But the worst part is this: The scene is set in the 1950'2 and I have to go to the barbershop to get my long curls shaved off the side and back of my head. All my long hair that i have grown for a year now will have to go. But being the rebel I am and since they told me to go to a baber and didn't cut me themselves at hair and make-up I have a surpise for them. I am going to my own barber and getting my hair cut to look like the King of Rock and Roll, ELVIS PRESLEY. Hey, if its 1950's who better than the King!

    BTW, I know I've been gone for a week. so post up any serious news that I have missed out on. But please leave out about Jerome BAker and Color Changing Glass website being closed down and arrested by Ashcroft and The DOJ. I saw that headline earlier.

    Peace Out!

    BPP :D
  2. Welcome back Elvis! LOL

    We have been talking about you behind your back!

    No Ashley won't care..... She is a country girl.. Doen't need to be around famous people all the time.. She likes me so that should be proof!

    Every one is supporting SJ had donated money to them for us..You will have to join and help or you will be on your own if you get into trouble!

    G'Day my friend......Big brother
  3. You're so cool, Poppa! It sucks about the hair coming off but you'll be in a movie and hopefully Ashley will see you, fall in love and Poppa-nap you or something.

    I can't believe they only pay that much, though. No wonder the big stars make so much friggen money!
  4. ill be checking the extras lookin for elvis.
    have fun
  5. HIGH All, just finished reading the The Stax Report: Script Review of Big Fish. Sounds like a good movie BPP and All they want from you is to just stand there and look pretty (stoned) *LOL* sounds like a blast...I quess we'll see you on the big screen.
  6. haha nice man. I wanna go for a part about a movie about an holland coffee house ;)

    I bet they'd let ya smoke some nice shit! :D

  7. hehehe, u say that like your suprised or not sure! helloooo. tim burton. ewan mcgreggor and all them other stars. with names like that it just cant go straight to vid.

    anyways... since u such a star, do you think theres still enough time to get the chief special effects supervisor/co-ordinator fired? that's one of my dream jobs. over $1500 a day! ooooh yeah. so BBP dyathink u could do me a favour and get him fired then reccomend me for the possition? I'll put in a few good words with the producers and maybe even get u a bigger part (and pay check).

    i got no problem with working 18 hour days if its doing something i like. and besides u only do it for half a year.

    so does this mean we'll all get to see ya on the silver screen soon? coooooooool! V happy for ya dude. see if u can sneek a joint on set when camera is rollin. ;)
  8. Got my first paycheck today for $20 minus taxes. Just for trying on clothes and going to get my haircut. Still haven't done that yet, putting it off till the last minute. I think rather than Elvis I will wind up looking like Buddy Holly!

    As far as Survivor. haven't heard a word yet about an interview.
  9. Just saying bye-bye to everyone. I'll be back in a week fresh from the set. Hopefully with lots of fun stories, but probably lots of "just sat around until it was time to be screamed at"
  10. HIGH All, look at this a movie star right here in our grand City.

    Can I have your autograph BPP *LOL*.

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