Lightproofing vent on tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by LegalizeTheHerb, May 22, 2010.

  1. I have the vent flap up on a tent from htg supply. Light leaks out of it and I need to prevent this. What kind of material still lets air in but keeps light out?
  2. You have to close those flap vents, and use the circular ones. Get 3'' black pvc piping at 90 degree angles. Light cannot go through a 90 degree angle if the tubing is black. Hope this helps.
  3. umm.. I have had 3 grows with the vent open. no herms (knock on wood)...

    I wouldnt flip out about it, what i did when I used to worry about it, was I kept my tent about 6" from the wall. I used panda film to close the gaps on the side, leaving the top open if you know what I mean... But I dont even have going all the way to the top anymore really now. And I veg in that room...

    If you peek in there man it's a barely any light and if you're plants are in anything the size of 5 gallon bucket or so they just dont see it.

    that's just imo and how i roll man, i would hate it if you listened to only me and went herm.

  4. Is a 4inch intake enough for a 4 inch exhaust?

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