lightproofing the passive intakes at the bottom of grow tents during dark period of flowering

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  1. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to lightproof the passive air vents at the bottom of a grow tent ? Why haven't the manufacturers come up with a fix to this? Everywhere else on a tent is relatively light proof, with the exception of maybe the zippers around the doors. It makes me wonder if it even matters if the vents are protected from light or not. Are the vents designed in such a way that when light does hit the vents, it does not hit the plants? You would think that if they were supposed to light proof, they would come that way. Of course they do come with the Velcro flaps to shut them, but why would you want to keep them shut, especially at such a crucial time as flowering? This is when you need the air flow the most, to control humidity during the dark hours, to prevent mold and mildew. Any comments are welcome. Thanks
  2. some guys use a pvc piece with a double 90degree an 'S' curve or a zig-zag. Paint it flat black inside and no light will escape.
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  3. Just run ducting through the bottom intake holes, bend 90° and you're set.
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    My tent is 3x3x7 feet. It does not have bottom intake holes, only 3 passive intake vents approx. 20"x5" one on each side very close to the bottom. I did try using some filter material over them. It did work during the dark hours as long as I keep the lights off in the room that the tent is in. But when the lights come on in the tent, the filter material raises the temps about 4 degrees and puts the temperature right over 80 degrees. So I still have to take the material off during lights on and take it off when it they are sleeping. I am hoping for a solution where I don't have to worry about having to be right on the spot at lights out. Anyhow it works for now, just extra work. It gets frustrating doing this every day for 10 weeks of flowering. thanks for replying
  5. Are you saying you have the passive vents removed? I know on my tents they come off.

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  6. I run my intake from a vent hole up top... I just have it connected to a booster fan blowing downwards on the canopy... it also has another fan blowing in it... pretty strong intake actually haha.. but anyhow you can always run ducting from up top and install a booster fan... granted that's not really a passive... the other option is to make the passive intake on the bottom lightproof with a cut up box or fabric or something

    Grow journal[​IMG] not the easiest to see but if you zoom in you can see how many setup. That's always a relatively cheaper option for a good fix. Intake on the left outtake on the right obviously
  7. I do have two 6 inch intake holes at the top and have 2 extra booster fans just sitting in storage boxes. I will give it a try as I have plenty of extra ducting as well. Thanks
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  8. No, I did not take them off, they are made of mesh and are sewn in to the tent. They do velcro closed, but I need the fresh air, so I leave them open
  9. I do like cut top box Idea as well, I could use sheets of cardboard
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  10. I also added a square of black pantyhose as well. It seems to work great.

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  11. I use 4" ducting and an inexpensive carbon filter for intake air and this works good for my 2x4 tent.
  12. I leave my vents open all the time and never a problem FWIW. As long as there is no strong light source near the tent, I leave them open.

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