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  1. It was crazy I was driving home smoking a joint and lightning was lighting up the whole sky
  2. cool story bro

    but yeah lightning is one of the most beautiful things in nature. it helps show you the power in nature, considering we don't even have the ability to replicate lightning completely
  3. This last winter I got the opportunity to see several instances of thundersnow. It's very cool and unusual. Blew my mind.
  4. [​IMG]

    lol with that outta the way.

    i agree, where i live we get some gnarly lightning shows.
  5. Thunderstorm in the Kizilkum desert in Uzbekistan in late summer 2009

  6. I don't even remember making this hahah. But seriously it was fuckin nuts it happened so many times too it made for an awesome ride home.

  7. lmao, what did your friend say?
  8. I remember one night a couple summers ago, I was taking my dog for a walk and it was nice and warm out, and then it started ligntninging, and there was no rain at all because I was in the woods and it wasn't raining hard, and every couple feet there would be another huge bolt of lightning that lit up the forest around me. Plus there were hundreds of fireflys. . It was so dope and trippy.

    I once stumbled on a really good slo-mo lightning .GIF it was really cool. When the lightning hits the ground, it brightens again starting at the bottom and spreads up towards to top. Its real cool :smoking:
  9. [​IMG]

    "lightning, thunder.... and FIYAH" <3
    [ame=]Bob Marley extremely stoned in the studio[/ame]
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    He said it was a bona fide cool story,
  11. Lightning is an over-glorified form of static electricity. Everytime you touch a door and feel a shock, that's lightning for you.
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    I think lightning Is cooler than a shock
  13. I got hit by a thunderstorm at night while camping and it made me think of how easily a more primitive person could think of it as the work of a god. It was quite awe-inspiring.
  14. just like a big firecracker is cooler than a small firecracker
  15. We've been having lightning all the time its crazy. Today was a huge ass storm it was nuts.

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