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  1. Hey guys,
    Im new to growing about to start my first plant but need to now where I can buy the cheapest light I can get. Any help will be well appreciated
  2. how much ya willing to spend? and what how many watts? hps? mh? floros? what are you looking for?
  3. Im not looking to spend more than 20 but if i need to go higher i will. Im not looking for anything in particular, just want it to grow.
  4. well in that case the cheapest light is going to be the sun. you might as well use the 20 bucks to help get yourself a couple of outdoor supplies. seriously, you dont have to spend your life savings, but a modest investment can easily be made back no matter what way you look at it. spend 20 bucks on lighting, youll maybe produce 20 bucks worth of weed. which isnt a whole lot for a 3 month run. spend 100-300.00 bucks, youll produce 3x that much in budz easily, as long as you read, read and read some more :) ive seen some floro grows, matter a fact take a look in the gro journals for yuri-san, he had a complete floro gro, didnt do bad till it had to end.
  5. but if youre willing to spend, go with a floro setup to veg with and a hps for flowering, 400watts atleast

  6. 20 £ or $?

    start lookin in skips around houses or factorys that are being done up or refited. quite often fluro setups are binned, replace the tubes and away you go for a outlay of £2 per tube.

    i once picked up 4 400mh from a garage forcort that was being refited complete with lamps.

    it can b done on 20, it can be done on £0 if your lucky.
  7. buddy check the sig

    e-conolight is tha shit you can get a 150 hps for 35 bucks and if u call em when u get it and say the things broken theyll probably send you another one so youll get two 150 hps's for 35 bucks ;) or u could get 2 400 watt HPS's like i did for 100 bucks... and a spare bulb... o course mine hapened upon the basis of me being stupid and not knowing what the hell i was doing but the principal is sound :D

    400 watt HPS - balast, ignightor, and bulb + nifty case that heats up like a motha f#@k&r but oh well it can be easilly canabalized with minimal smarts

    but like i said 35 bucks for 300 watts of HPS is cheepness if i ever saw it.. :D

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  8. thanks alot guys

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