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    What would happen if i just used a normal light from like a lamp or something

    kinda a dumb question i know but i need a light really quick
  2. It's fine... for vegging I use the biggest CFL 'lamp light' I can find...if under 100w I use 2 of them. Work fine in a pinch...
  3. if your on about regular incandesant bulbs, they do work but you need a very large ammount of them, incandesants give out 2% lumenious output, so 100wats means 2watts is being used for light, if you use cfls, your looking at 11 - 14% lumenious output, so 100att cfl means 11 - 14 watts is being used to grow your plants, cfls are also cooler and come in daylight and warmwhite, which i think incandesants cannot do

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