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  1. Using Lumatek Zeus 1000 leds, completed 4th week of bloom looks good except buds seem to be thin n not very “thick chunky” for this stage, growing in coir, using canna nutrients plus pk13.14 n cal mag, lighting at least 500mm above top, anyone else finding this, I’m wondering.
  2. Just 4th week give it time. Got atleast 6 to 8 more weeks
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  3. Thanks GroBuddy, I’ve done a fair bit of growing over 20yrs but first time with leds, if there only 8 or 10 week plants I’m near half way, but I’m only goin on previous grows with HPS, thanks again.
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    You just stopped stretching about a week ago. Plants just been focused on growing buds and not growth for about a week. Pictures help better explain what you mean, however 4th week of flower you're not generally going to have thick chunky buds.

    Haven't grown with hps only various leds

    Also thick and chunky we could have varying ideas why pictures help better explain
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  5. I’ll put up a pic. shortly.
  6. I really wish that there was a consensus as to what people define as 'flowering time'. Some people count the transition period and some don't.
    @Corn farmer can you elaborate for us; do you mean 4th week of actual flowering, or 4th week starting 12/12 light transition; I presume you are growing photosensitive (regular) seeds.
    I'm not familiar with this light. 1000w of leds is a lot. (edit: I looked this light up and it looks very good very nice spectrum nice efficiency, so shouldn't be a problem there).
    this is a mickey mouse way to report the lighting conditions. I suggest using either a Lux meter (like Dr. Lux), a Quantum meter (if you have that kind of money it will report PPFD), or possibly a lux meter app using a mobile phone. Also, the amount of PPFD/lux a plant can tolerate is a strain dependent phenomena.

    welcome to the forums
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  7. can't start counting flower time until new growth stops for pistils. Flipping lights to 12/12 doesn't indicate flowering. Pistils showing instead of new growth indicates flowering.

    Also why I believe people try to harvest couple to several weeks early. They start flower time at light change.
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  8. I mean the 4 weeks was from switching to 12-12 time and I’m growing from clones originally Thanks trogangrower.
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  10. I start a nine week cycle at the flip to 12/12. Some strains want another few days to a week, but most are “ done “ in nine.
    I also lab test everything.
    The first parameter I check is the CBGA percentage, as it’s the precursor to THC and CBD. I’m looking for numbers under .5%. Anything over 1% probably could have used another week.
    Honestly, on most of my runs these numbers fluctuate, even with the environment fairly well dialed in. What happens in the rhyzosphere is never a constant with me but though, (getting better) and those tests really help me keep a log of what’s going on.
    Here’s my GG4 done right!
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    Strains have different flower times. Being a producer I would imagine youd go with strains that have a shorter flower time When growers buy seeds that say 8 wk flower time never will that bud be done 8 wks from flip.

    Also most at home growers dont grow with top quality lights which will extend flowering times. Growing with less quality lights I had a longer finishing rate vs growing with a quality led. Took a week to couple weeks off end time
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  12. Yeah, breeders love to advertise those 7-8 week finishers. But yes, I target strains that don’t drag their feet.
    I could run some long running sativas, I have the rooms for it.
    Maybe it’s time to pop the Melange gold that I won from Ace long ago!
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  13. As stated above your only about 2 weeks maybe 10 days into your countdown, not 4 weeks. Also, you most likely grew seeds, not cuts. Don't expect to get exactly what you saw in the picture
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  14. are 'we' looking at your plant results from you sending in a sample of your GG4 to a lab or somesuch??
  15. Ok thanks everyone I’ve certainly picked up on the way the bloom time is estimated, no doubt, being my first time at using LEDs I’m hoping I can go longer n not have to harvest early n sometimes because of mould but I also now have a dehumidifier I’m hoping that will also help. Thanks again everyone farmer
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  16. Yup.
    I can’t put anything on the shelves without testing it first.
    It gives me the ability to see what effects are gained or lost through different grow practices on consecutive runs.
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  17. all envy here
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  18. I use a 250W HPS light for growing seeds. Works great!

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