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  1. Hi, I have a 3 plants and they are doing alright under 2 floros 1 for plants and one cool white and i dunno about a light that i have though it might be a HPS light or it might be a haligen light it is housed in a big yellow block thing and heats up alot gives alot of light off too the label has worn off of it and dunno what it is it has a bulb that could be haligen or HPS not an expert but it has a screen over the bulb a plastic cover so ya cant touch this is why i am hinting to haligen but should i give it a try anything would be appriciated dont have a webcam or digi cam so out of luck there
  2. k scratch the whole halogen thing its not a halogen bulb its not round its more like a HPS bulb its long and skinny not round like a Halogen bulb just did some research still dunno though i got it from our gradge which was grabbed from my dads work its really bright and he used it to do work under cars....its not a white light though its yellowish unlike some bulbs still have no clue would like it to be a HPS so i dont have to spend money on one later sorry if any ideas or help please give any suggestions would work
  3. sounds like halogen to me hoko
  4. most likely a halogen....what colour of light does it give off?.....if it's a yellow colour then it's a HPS.....but if it's a really crisp clear white then it's halogen.....Peace out.....Sid
  5. k thanks ill go check it again i cant remember if its white or yellow think it may be yellow actually an orangish color
  6. The bulb should have some markings on it.
    Manufacturer and numbers. see if you can make them out. they don;t burn away because of the type of ink used. From this data you/we should be able to figure out what you have.
  7. KKKK ,it had a warning label on it and at the way bottem said replace with a 150 watt T-3 bulb so not a HPS bulb but would i be able to grow from this??
  8. its gonna get to hot probably not the right spectrum anyway

    dude why do you have cloths in your closet
  9. if it is not a MH HPS, or Mercury vapour then you won't be able to grow with it.....Peace out.....Sid

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