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  1. how manys watts do i need what type of lite should i use i was at the store today looking at diffrent light and i was thinking of useing these 2 40 watt lights there tubular and about 3 feet long and clip into this fixter i would have to buy that i could have hovering ubove my plant will this be sufficent for 1 plant?
  2. Those bulbs will be fine for just one plant but if you want any buds you must invest in an HPS.
  3. hps? were do i get one? how much do they cost?
  4. lol Sid you beat me this time!
    Ok, time for my break...
  5. hey sorry i've left you in the lurch for a couple of days mate....i noticed that you were working double time to answer a lot of questions, i had to spend some time with my g/f as she was complaining that i'm allways on the you kick back and relax....light a bowl and i'll handle the questions for a while......Peace out....Sid
  6. get a sunroof

  7. [​IMG]...and that's just what I did,,, just like I'm doing now...bwahahaha

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