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  1. OK a few people tried to explain it the other day but the more I'm trying to research the more confused I get because I'm small two questions one with CFLs I'm aware there's Watts and Lumen's and the color scale. What's more important the Lumen's you output or Watts. People say per plant..200watts 5000K 5000lumens well my bulbs are 23watt..5000k and 1620lumens. Seconds what's the true difference between using CFL vs HID vs LED like results with use each on cannabis. Sorry if my post is so confusing.

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  2. CFL just doesn't stack up to hid or led. They work but i think the best yields are hid, some people get really nice yields from led's too. Most of the typical cfl grows i see are ok but not like a hid yield.
  3. I would look at it like this, what's your budget for the lighting or the grow setup in general?
  4. Mm right now due to its my first grow I'm doing a closet grow very basic to get good understanding.. Later I plan to buy a legit grow closet set up. Right now I just wanted a general understanding if each when it comes to cannabis..and with my CFLs how do I determine how many I need and what strengths. Thanks

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  5. If you're going to do it do it right. Why waste money on light that will give you not great results and then having to buy another light. Just seems a waste.

    I say get the best you can now.
  6. And your right..I don't wanna half ass do it. I was told by a guy to use CFL now I'm learning their not much count hence why I'm on here to get advice about other lights.
  7. There's some led lights on amazon for like 50 bucks, that's what I'm planning on buying next time I need a light

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  8. Also think about it. Let's say you can't grow ... at least you can sell the hid or led you can't sell cfls

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