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  1. So I purchased a lighting kit with a 400w hps and a 400w mh bulb with reflector and ballast. What do I use for the veg stage and what do I use for the flowering stage. I'm confused on the whole light set up. Also I am using autoflowering seeds if that means anything.
  2. MH for veg and HPS for flower.

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  3. Now after my seeds germinate(I have them between paper towels in a Tupperware right now) do I immediately turn my light on after I plant them?
  4. Yes. If you have an adjustable ballast (mine has 50%/75%/100% consider starting at 50 or 75 and see how the plants respond and go up accordingly. If they look sad you can dial it back a notch. 9-10" above the canopy is where HID lihhting likes to be though if you want to be fancy, there's a range.

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  5. In the beginning while the plant is still young and tender, don't put it too awfully close to the light. After a couple of days, go ahead and start bringing the light and the plant closer together. If you have them too far apart, the plant will grow spindly and stretch, so once it's used to the lighting, get the plant and light closer together. The auto strain is going to do it's thing regardless of what you far as when it goes into flower, etc. So, your main goal here ought to be keeping this little plant healthy throughout it's life so it gives you more at harvest. I've heard of these auto strains doing weird things, so don't be surprised if yours starts going into flower too early or other odd stuff. Growing autos is nothing like growing regular strains, but there are several threads on the forum that it would benefit you to read. TWW
  6. Okay thanks for the info. On an irrelevant note I am not sure which pots to use for this grow. I keep hearing 5 gallons but my tent is only 5 ft tall and between the pot and the light I'm afraid I will run out of room. The pot dimensions are 21 x 17 for the ones I was thinking of using
  7. This is the one at the store I was thinking of using but it looks huge. I was wondering if I could possibly go a bit smaller

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