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  1. Ok i have some questions regarding my light's and lighting schedual. I am growing 1 plant under two 40 watt cool white floro's and i was wondering if this will be sufficient lighting, also i have the plant under 24/7 lighting because the plant hasnt even gotten the 5/7 leaved internodes yet | will this cause adverse affects in the plant's growth and or health over time
  2. You really need closer to 125 to 150 watts of flouro to grow a decent bushy plant. What you got will work but its may tend to be scrawny and not much yield.
  3. Thanks, i wasnt going for a real bushy plant right off, im just expermenting at this point, if all goes well i will buy more floro's and grow more plants
  4. I have found that by using the spiral CFL's (compact flourescent lights) I am able to cram more lights around and above my pots/plants. My room maybe 9 square feet but I only have 6 square feet of plant space to be concerned with.
    I've also noticed that after four weeks of 24/7 (15,000 lumens @ 2-3" away) I can prune enough to clear the way for the CFL's light to get further in and down to the lower grow tips. I prune once a week and they just started week 7. I'll prune once more then top them to keep them at a lower profile and for extra flowers while the lower grow tips catch up with the uppermost part of the plants. If you can arrange the CFL's to get the most lamps with the most lumens then I think with ferts and a fan you might be suprised at what they'll do. What they won't do is burn the leaves and run your electric bill up as much as the weed costs to buy. I like the daylight color Spring Lamps...Buy them at: and ...Home Depot might have the next best thing in a warm white color. The bulb in the pic is 2800 lumens, daylight color, 42 watts (150w incandescent equiv.). Six of these kept at about 2-3" from the plants from sprouting through vegging should do ok. I plan to add three more when they're put to flowering.
    Hope this is good advice. It seems to work for me. Phyll

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  7. I was thinking that since they're fluoros you could put them real close...or do the compacts get real hot?
  8. No, they don't get too hot and if there's a fan in the room it's cool enough to keep CFL's around 2-3" away from them throughout your grow. Mine are looking nice and lush into week 7 and I just topped them down to 8-9 inches...The trick is finding the best arrangments for your lamps as your grow progresses. I have the bulbs screwed into the clip-on type with reflectors. They're lightweight and you just have to think about what and where to clamp them when you move them (and your pots) around. It's a little juggling is all. I started off just clamping to the edges of the pots all the way around and I'm using some bigger pots. I still have the flowering to go and that will tell me whether I should rethink the next grow for CFL's>HPS.

  9. I'm retarded, I thought you were saying 2-3 feet. I always get the ' and " confused. Darn yanks and the standard system.
  10. haha thanks guy's, and those compact light's are bitchs to work with IMO but your right they would be better for plant growing because you can group them better then tube lights, neways i stepped up to 4 40 watts for 30 bucks, i will be updating the plant info under the growing forum so check in and see how they are doing from time to time

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