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  1. first grow have a three week old doing real good do far. its outside during the day in direct sun about 60-70 % of the time nights are spent in under a home made grow dome. am i setting myself up for problems or is this ok till bloom time?

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  2. Your soil looks muddy, no Perlite and what soil is it?
    If/when you transplant, I would also ditch the clay pot in favor of cloth pots with handles..easier to carry and will help oxygenate the roots! Depending on your location, I like the Fox Farm Ocean Forest mixed with 25% xtra perlite.
    Stay away from Miracle Grow type

    Lighting question would be answered if you showed or even listed in detail what lighting setup you made..
    Just Sayin..
  3. With temperatures like that I'd leave them in the sun for as long as possible for a while. But then I grow outdoor in the UK and would like to be in the sun myself with them. Look at these it's been 6 months. Boo hoo [​IMG]

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