Lighting Questions? After Germination

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Medicinal-Tommy, Sep 27, 2009.

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    Hey guys I just purchased some white widow seeds from the Nirvana-shop. This is my first time growing from seed. I used Jiffy pellets to germinate, and I just replanted my new little sprouts into Miracle Grow potting soil. I keep killing myself with Google and over analyzing everything.

    So I come here for direct advice.

    I just got new sprouts and I immediately transferred my new sprouts into pots with miracle potting soil. I watered the new pots even though the jiffy pellets had plenty of moisture still in them. So my first question: was I supposed to of watered my new sprouts so soon, or should I have let them dry up a little bit first, like let the jiffy pellet dry first. My second question is I currently have my new sprouts under a fluorescent light, I have a 400 watt metal halide currently only lighting one plant. Should I put my new sprouts under the 400 watt metal halide or just leave them under the fluorescent like in the picture?

    Hey and I am also willing to take any good advice or constructive criticism from anyone, so please feel free to correct me on anything I may be doing wrong, or anything I might need to do differently.
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    Here are the pics I had to resize them, I added some pictures of another plant I am growing for the sole purpose of showing that I am wasting a 400 metal halide for one plant, also showing that I have room for my new seedlings if I should give them that much light so early on.

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