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  1. Run the MH with the HPS. You will thank me later. HPS' get plants bigger, and MH's get them stronger dankness due to more UVB light being produced.
  2. are you saying to run a MH on an HPS ballast...and during the veg rite, not flower, or can you run an MH during flowering?
    an if i were to buy a light with an HPS ballast, i probobly wouldnt buy the MH bulb unless i absolutly needed it...
    and would it be worth it to buy a 400w and a 150w or should i just go with the would be for prob 5 or 6 plants
  3. not really sure what the above poster said... seemed like bunk info though

    if it doesnt say you can run it, then it's safe to say you cant. Most interchangeable ballasts will advertise that they are able to do so.

    I know they have "MH Conversion Bulbs" which are basically metal hallide bulbs that are designed to go into HPS systems, I'm not sure if they make it the other way around though. But look around, you might find one..

    as far as the bulb differences...

    HPS= Flower

    HPS CAN be used for veg, but it's nowhere as affective as the MH for this stage.

    MH is just awful for flowering and should only be used for Veg.

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