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  1. Has any one any experience with led grow lights? Are they effective compared to mh and hps? Any info will be appreciated. TIA
  2. ones that actually work are great but they cost bank!! More than a mh or hps. I'm going with CFL's!! 6500k (same as daylight) for veg and 2700k for flowering. You also want to try to get the most (acutual not equvilant) watts for the cfl that you can but keep the color temps the same 6500k 2700k
  3. oh and the search feature is amazing on her try it out lol:wave:
  4. Many, many threads on this topic right here in this forum. Look around, read up.
  5. Hello,

    Unless you're going to be doing some kind of micro-grow in a PC case or something, there
    is just no reason to go with LED at this point.. They are cool and new but like it or not, in
    the horticulture arena, LED's are still an "emerging" technology. You can preach energy
    savings as justification for them but you won't save enough money in energy costs to grow
    any worthwhile product, or any justifiable quantity. CFL's and HID are still the "de facto"
    way to grow a quality product and get a reasonable quantity.

    People are right here, the search feature is great but there have been several threads in
    the past put up by liars and fakers trying to get people to buy LED grow lights.

    I hope that helps!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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