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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KurruptKlown, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys & girls was wondering about this light I found on CL.
    Guy wants 70, doesn't come with a bulb
    400 Watt Metal Halide System
    thoughts please:D
  2. What's the radius? It looks pretty big. You'd want to use a tri or quad cfl socket with that.
  3. I'll have to ask but it includes a mogul socket
  4. As long as you could do something like this I'd probably take it. But I'd haggle him and try to get it for $50... no use paying more for something someone may be willing to sell for less, right? But yeah, you throw some of these nifty adapter thingies on that mogul socket and get a contraption like this...
  5. I`d spend the extra money and buy a better light set up. That has a built magnetic ballast and they not only get quite hot but also suck up electricity. For $70.00 I think its also over priced for the type of light it is.
  6. CFL`s arent going to fit in that socket, its quite a bit bigger.

  7. put that 70 towards an LED.
  8. [quote name='"bartolomeo"']

    put that 70 towards an LED.[/quote]

    Yeah get led lights cheaper to run and no heat check out my set up
  9. It's an industrial high bay light for a warehouse. That will kick ass over an led. It's still a 400 watt gas lamp so it will put out a little heat. Not too bad for 70 if it came with a lamp but it's worth it. Does it work?

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