Lighting question for grow tent

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LegalizeTheHerb, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. I'm probably getting this tent High Tech Garden Supply The tent is 20Dx36Wx64H I was wondering how many plants I could fit in 3 gallon grow bags. (I was thinking 2 maybe 3).
    Also, would a 250w HPS with a 178 cfm 4 in. inline fan w/carbon filter keep the tent at the right temperature? If not I guess I'll have to get an air cooled reflector.
  2. you should be able to do 3 no prob, i have the same tent as you and there is enough room for 3. And its kinda hard to tell if it will keep your temps down, you might want to look into the aircooled reflector as it helps a lot. I have a 600 watt air cooled hood in my tent and it keeps the temps down. I also run my lights when its dark outside because our house is much cooler. I feel that you could get away with the 250 but you might have to make some adjustments like running the light at night, but if you can do the air cooled do it man they are bad ass and you can go up in wattage and get even bigger plants. Check out ebay there are some killer deals on hps/mh combo lights with the air cooled hoods. Good luck on the grow!

  3. Alright cool. I think I will shell out the extra $50 for the air cooled hood so I can keep the lights closer to the plants. Sounds like a good idea to run the lights at night to keep the tent as cool as possible.
  4. Cool man. You'll really be glad you got the air cooled hood. You should do a grow journal and keep us posted.

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