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  1. Hello Again,

    Here is a chart showing kind of LIGHT and the LUMENS per WATT they project.
    These are listed from least consistant to the best.

    Incadesent - 17.5
    Halogen - 22
    Fluoresent - 39
    Mercury Vapor - 61
    Metal Halide - 125
    HP Sodium - 140
    LP Sodium - 184

    that should help some people that are having trouble deciding what type of lighting they need to use.

    Good Luck
  2. Amazing how much you might learn about stuff if you're gonna chief.
  3. Hiya,

    Woody, LP Sodium Lighting is not in the red color spectrum it is PURE Yellow, and is used by Commercial indoor Growers along side the HPS to promote Heavier tops on the plants.

    Just thought i'd correct you before to many people got this post mixed up.


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