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  1. So I have my first grow going legally, and I'm running into an issue. I'm getting close to putting my main lady into flower, she's 7 weeks now, but I have a 2 week seeding and two clones that are not ready to go into flower.

    This is my main lady [​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm wondering if I should plan on just pulling my main lady from the grow room for 12 hours while the others get 18 hours or what would be the best thing to do as I'm trying to avoid buying another light right now until I move in August....any suggestions I will gladly take thanks

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  2. pull the little ones at lights out and put them under a cfl for 6 or 8 hours. put them back at lights on. that will keep them out of flower. may stress them. or let them go 12/12 right now, get an oz or so. my whole mission on indoor growing is to provide as close to a perfect environment as i can for that plant. personally i would focus on the one you have in flower now
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  3. If you don't have a way to continue to grow the smaller ones while the bigger one is in flower, I would toss them and flower the big one. CFLs veg quite well and you can get enough of those at Home Depot or one of the big box stores in the correct spectrum to take care of your plants while you flower the big one. The plants don't have much of a smell while in veg, so you should probably fix you up a place in a cubby hole somewhere so they can live there if you want to keep them. Not sure why you would start more plants knowing you didn't have anywhere to veg them. That's about your only choice unless you're willing to wait for the small ones to get large enough to flower along with the larger one. But honestly, you don't have enough light there to flower all those off at one time with them being such different sizes. The larger plant is going to shade out the smaller ones pretty bad. Your best yield will come from flowering the big one and vegging the smaller ones a while longer. TWW
  4. Anyone here to help with a issue ?

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    Ya 2 grow set ups seem to be the way to go
  6. I planted it into the 5 gallon smart pot today. Roots looked really good. Expect it to really take of now that it has 5x more room for the roots. Going to get it happy from the transplant then I'm going to drought it for a couple days to get those roots moving and searching. Decided to flower in one and veg in another so plan on building a trellis for this girl bush it out and let it grow up into it. Got plenty of room for it since she'll be the only girl flowering

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  7. [​IMG]
    All in one grow lol

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