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  1. Ok so seeds arrived this morning just growing 1 biodiesel mass auto fem (Germing right now) got a bigger pot and box :D so more of a harvest hopefully. Well actually it's more like an extension. I'll upload some pics so you can all see what I mean.  :smoking: Anyway growing under 2 45 watt cfls 1 2700k 1 6500k producing 6000 lumens in total. Got a lighting problem though if anyone knows any sparkies. I live in the uk and have an american power strip with two lightbulb sockets which plug directly to the lightstrip I run this through a step down transformer to get the correct voltage and lights all good for about 5 - 10 minutes before turning into some crazy strobe lights  :hippie: they are literally just flickering but as fast as strobe lights and also the light really drops. If anyone could help Please do really eager to get growing  :metal:  :bongin:

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    why not just use a  UK  power strip instead of all the step-down transformers and shit?
  4. i would suggest going to a hardware store and getting a "mirror vanity strip" they come in 3,4, or 5 light strips with no power cord. then u  would simply splice a power cord (in the uk use a local one) and plug it in. electrical work is not that hard just get creative
  5. Ok so turns out I made a schoolboy error. Checked the transformer and can only take 50 watts max :/ so thinking about starting seedling off under just 1 45 watt 6500k as i'm skint until I get paid a week Monday. Will than invest in a 125w 2700k cfl and max out with as many 23w cfls as possible. Have got the E40 lead already just need the bulb. I'm only growing 1 auto so would the 45watt keep it ticking over for a couple of weeks until I can get my hands on new lighting. She' not popped yet but is germinating and should be ready this evening
  6. Hey Guys bit concerned and need some help she's 10 days old since she popped her head through the soil however the leaves are starting to droop a little and there is a little bit of discolouration at end of leaves. the 2 new big leaves are the ones that are drooping and the lower ones are the ones that are starting to discolour. PH is around 6.5 - 7.0 I've popped some pics up so you can see what i'm talking about it's a creamy off whiteish colour. would appreciate any help as don't wanna lose her :(
    DSC_0520.jpg DSC_0522.jpg DSC_0524.jpg DSC_0525.jpg

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