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lighting HELP

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by emax420, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. started our plants on a 12/12 cycle and have kept ever since, have been growing for about 3.5 weeks and have about 3-5 leaves on 10 different plants, should i just leave the 12/12 cycle for lighting or do i need to change it. if it is good at 12/12 and my plants, as said, are about 6-8 inches, should i jsut keep that cycle for about another month or so then do start to increase the dark period after about that 1-1.5 month? and can anyone give me a guesstimate of how much i might get from the 10 plants with the cycle that they are on, or the one you may suggest for me to use. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  2. i went and saw that 3 of my biggest had about 10 different leaves and the smallest had about 6... there are 6 under a 48 inc 40 watt and 4 under a 2 foot 40 watt
  3. so i should change it to the 18/6 for now? how long until i change it back to the 12/12 since they have been on that for about 4 weeks?
  4. If those plants are only 6-8 inches, unless you have a strain with genetic tendency for REALLY short internodal space, you should probably veg them until they're at least a foot tall. According to one of the grow guides I've read, you can sex them at about 8 inches, but I have had no luck with sexing plants that young, after 2 weeks of 12/12 light, which is more than enough time for a maturing plant to indicate its sex.

    Speaking of.. time for a new topic...with attachments >:D
  5. does anyone know if the plants are going to be affected if we started them in the 12/12 for 3.5 weeks
  6. so when you say 18/6 that is 18 hours a day and for 6 days a week? what time of the day do you start the 18 hrs and how much light on the 7th day?
  7. o my. you young guns need to read up a lil :) 18/6 would equal 18 hrs of light 6 hours of darkness. 24/7 is what it is 24/7. some people have different preferences for how they veg. i myself, and i cant speak for all, follow this schedule. 24/7 for the first 2 weeks. 18/6 for the remaining 3-6 weeks of veg and then 12/12 for the flowering period.

    as far as you starting your plants at 12/12, i dont see why it should be a problem. im surprised you havent stretched out for being the size they are, but then again that could be a good thing!

    the benifit of you going 12/12 during the period will def show you sex, rather than you having to put them at 12/12 to determine.
  8. Just for reference, DjViP, 24/7 and 24/0 are the same thing... light all the time. I like to say 24/0 because I don't want to confuse any newbies and have them actually try 24 hours of light, 7 hours of dark or anything like that.. that would be an absurdly hard schedule to keep up ;)

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