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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by KiddCadaver, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Ok so im building a grow box with a 3x5 footpint and it will be at least 4' rall and house 6 plants in the veg side and 6 in the flowering side. So i've been told that I should use a 600w HPS air-cooled for flowering but Im not gonna be able to afford that so what would be a good alternative. I was thinking of using CFLs but I was told my quanity and quality wouldn't be that good.
  2. it might be cheaper to get grow lights for such a big grow..... figure 10000 lumens per square foot.may need more becuz of the number of plants... a 100w cfl is about 1600 lumens you need atleast 6 of them (5-7 bucks each) but thats just for 1x1 foot of your grow box. or you could get 400w cfls but those are alot to. your box is 15 square feet plus lots of plants in your box. so thats 15 x 10000 lumes... i could be wrong but that sounds like alot of lights to me.. plus add in the hardware you need to get for the lights. now i could be wrong. all im saying if your going to go big then go big.. if you cant afford it then down size..
  3. I'm using 2' 4 bulb t5 floros for flower. Peep my journal for photos.
  4. Well I was looking at the price of a 600w hps on ebay and I can get everything I need just for the light for around $200 so I think thats what im going to do. So do you think the 600w hps will be right for my box?

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