lighting for 5+ lbs

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by common_wealth, May 16, 2010.

  1. just curious to see if anyone has ever even got close or more than 5+.
    i was thing three 600's would to it or two 1000's. not sure on the room size but thinking of a standard size room. thanx
  2. mmm idk, i never got weight like that from indoors.

    I'm actually curious to know what it would take to get 10-15
  3. 4 1000s getting 4-5.5 i think i can make it over 6 but well see. im pretty new so i can improve a lot
  4. usually 1lbs per 1000watt...1.5 if youre good and 2 if youre great...and also depends on what kind of strain you are growing... i got about 8lbs of grand daddy purple with 5 1000watt hps
  5. My first hydro was a flood and drain using (4)5g gallon buckets with 2" gravel on bottom and loose rockwool. I used a fish net to support the branches and the light was a 1000w with a parabolic hood. Colas were all baseball bats and close to 1lb per plant. The strain was Alaska Thunder F***, or sometimes called Tundra, or Matanuska and was done and harvested in 76 days. Harvested early due to issues with nutes.
    Hydro over soil, when done right dose produce larger yields in less time.....

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