lighting error, fixable?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skiweeds, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. a friend of mine has 2 white rhino clones. he was asking me if i knew why they werent getting any bigger. they were at about the 4th set of leaves. i asked about lighting and he said he was doing 12/12. i told him the plant is probably trying to flower. he said it's been on 12/12 for roughly 2 weeks. he didnt know that 12/12 is when you want to flower. i told him i thought it would be best to just switch it back to 24 hours until he plants to put them outside. i figured they should switch back to the veg state, or if still in veg just resume. my question is, was this the right thing to do? i understand they may attain stress from this. im in marquette michigan and it's been a bit too cold to just move them outside, i figured since we're still seeing frost and an occasional light snowfall. thanks in advance.
  2. i made that mistake my first grow and just kept the lights on and turned em off whenever i felt like it....if it were me i would just put them back into the 18/6 cycle, doesnt hurt to try it for a night and see what happens....and yea frost isnt a good thing for outdoors
  3. No prblem go 18/6. It wiill take a couple weeks maybe to get them vegging, so don't expect instant growth.
  4. thanks guys! what are the advantages of 18/6 compared to 24 besides lighting costs? i know plants grow faster under 24 but are you guys saying 18/6 because of less stress since the plants are probably a bit stressed? i just told me friend 24 before cause i thought it would maybe be faster and he doesnt have a timer. but if you guys think 18/6 is better i will tell him that he should switch. thanks again everyone!

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