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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gingerman, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. am i missing something? I have a 400W MH lamp which takes a 400W HPS bulb!! they both have the same "screw-in' fitting both mh and hps bulbs function normally in this unit it is a floor standing unit with the ballast contained within the cabinet. I have hung this from the ceiling with chains i am using MH for veg' and will use HPS for flowering .The plants are doing V well under MH. I am just wondering if the HPS is really going to function properly in the unit or just look like it is? any ideas? anyone else got one? thanx
  2. If it lights up, it lights up. Right?
  3. is the fixture designed to operate both. They dont usually
    operate both. There are special HPS conversion bulbs that work in mh fixtures. I wouldn't put the wrong type of bulb in a fixture because they could be dangerous. If you are sure they are designed to work that way and its safe by all means go ahead and do it and may the weed be pleantyful. If you have even the slightest doubt dont do it you could be risking your life and the lives of whoever lives with you.

    Number one rule in weed growing BE SAFE - NO amount of plants is worth your life or freedom

  4. If it's not a switchable ballast then the HPS bulb will burn out a lot faster than usual, plus it's not safe at all considering you don't have a remote ballast.
  5. works fine I bought one a few months ago, if your flowering you need to have hps in though

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