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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by makavelii18, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hello, I want to discuss my dilemma today, and hopefully come to a logical and scientific conclusion to a 'problem' I think I may have. I planted 2 seeds which sprouted around September 4th, and had them growing under 24 hours of light for about 15 days before another plant which I sprouted late was thrown in the box. What risks would i run into if I allow the smaller plant to grow for about 4 weeks, giving the first two about 15 extra days of 24 hours of light before turning to the vegetation phase (20 / or 18/6). I don't want feedback of what I SHOULD have done, the past is in the past. My thoughts are that the first two will simply be larger. Also, the outlet my extension cord runs from is quite shady, I have come back from an hour of class and the light would be off, I just wiggle the cord and it turns back on. Do I harm the plant when the light goes off for about an hour during the first cycle?

    Thank You for taking time to listen to my problems.

  2. well if an outlet is shady i don't know if i would use it to grow.
    the light going out for an hour isn't as big of deal while vegging as it would be flowering, but it COULD stress it out and cause them to hermie.
    Im not sure i understand your question about the 15 extra days of 24 hours of light, but if your asking if you can veg your plants 15 days extra i would say yes they will just be bigger make sure you have the room.
  3. Thanks, But what i meant about havin 1 shady outlet i mean theyr all shady... but anyways, what i meant about the extra 15 days was in relation to the first phase of growing being extended

  4. well yes 15 days is no problem, in theory you can veg a plant forever if you have the room
  5. you can vege a plant as long as you want. dont worry about size just keep lst'ing and trimming to maintain a nice bushy size. nothing wrong with endless amounts of clones. oh and get a new outlet. I would keep the lights on any vege cycle (24/0, 18/6, 20/4, etc..) I have the same dilemma as I burned a few seedlings and now I'm cracking a few more seeds to make up the loss. There are a few seedlings unaffected in the tray i'm putting the new ones in. The new ones may stretch a bit compared to the ones already 2 weeks ahead. That is probably the worst that will happen. If they are only a week or 2 behind then it shouldnt be that big a problem. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

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