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lighting a bong while driving

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by critter 11, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. Some of the offf,s might remember this one .............One day while driving down the road l tried to light my bong and my lighter didn,t work .So l got a peice of paper and light it off the lighter in the car and tried to light my bong ,great idea but my beard caught on fire.arhhhhhhhhhhh,sounds funny now ,but ,lol.
  2. wow, I've never tried to light a bong while driving. That's hardcore. I usually jst figured it would be easier/less noticable if I smoked joints and blunts while driving.
  3. I smoked a bong while driving once...except I wasn't driving...but I had the light the bong for him :)
  4. weve all caught someone smokin while driving but can you imagine puling up next to a car a seeng someone taking a huge rip off a bong???
  5. LOL, I can just imagine the image..lol

    If im smokin on the road I keep it strictly joints, n im not usually drivin anyways so eh:p
  6. I REMEMBER!!!!! :D

    Thanks for the laugh, Critter Man!!!!
  7. Shit, I thought it was common to toke bongs and drive. Thats what I have my 10" glass bong for, cruising. Theres been times when we've roasted two foot bongs when crusing. I could imagine trying to hide that if the cops pulled you over.
  8. I ripped my glass 2.5 footer on the ride home from getting it, it was hard as hell to get the angle right with such a big piece. But man was i fuuuuucked :)
  9. ahh...dude its sooo hard to light a bong while driving!!...i had to do it this weekend... man it sucked but i got pretty fucked up...so it was worth it man...
  10. its insane hitting a gas mask while driving.
  11. it'd probably be easy with this one, though i've never done it, that's kinda risky.

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