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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by brittttaaannyyy, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. I'm new here but Ive got a question.
    I'm pretty new to smoking (less than a month under my belt) and at first I didn't feel anything like expected and then didn't smoke for 3 days, then I felt it, bam! I felt lightheaded and faint and shaky. The first time I couldn't sit up, i kept leaning over.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is this "too high" or "stoned?" If I stand I will pass out in a few minutes. It's happened probably three times (now that I think of it this is really all I've ever felt when smoking)
    I had too much brownie and that's why I feel this way now but i got this from smoking through a bong too. I've tried 4 strains and usually end up falling asleep
  2. Did you feel like you were floating upside down parallel on a cloud like,

  3. It's currently happening. I forget my actions and I'll be talking and forget what I was even saying and I feel like I'm in a dream
  4. I'm very new to this so i could just be high like everyone always feels but it's just a little scary to me
  5. It's completely normal, the forgetting part and dream like state, it's all just a state of mind that will become normal after you continue to smoke, sometimes taking weeks or even a few months to a year of solid smoking
  6. Sometimes especially with new smokers and even daily timers the weed can take a few minutes to hit you so next time only take a few pulls and wait a bit before taking more and see how you feel

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