lighter vs matches

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by maestrobong, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. so who has an opinion on this subject. do you prefer something else? maybe a zippo or that wind proof you've had for a few years.
  2. lmao.
    zippo is good for only fires and cigarettes
    bic's work nice...
    butane triforce is good for hash
    hemp wick is one of my favorites
    ceramic heating element or hot glass wand is hands down the best
  3. Hakko>hempwick>beeline>matches>lighter, IMO
  4. Stay the hell away from Zippos, they are naaaasaty.
  5. I've always been partial to butane torches... which are necessary anyway if youre trying to light a substance with a higher burning temperature, like Salvia for example.

    I'd rather use a torch, but a no-frills bic lighter works just fine. The only time I go out of the way to use a (wood) match, is if I'm lighting up a legitimate cigar.
  6. Do yourself a favor and definitely don't use a Zippo, Napthalene is something you don't want to inhale.

  7. I think i would throw up everywhere if i took a bong rip with a zippo...
  8. matches are good just wait till the sulphur burns off before using it to inhale
  9. Bic! No more, no less. Good old classic, reliable Bic!
  10. I still use a Bic, but I think I may have to invest in some Beeline. I used it for a while and there is a noticeable difference in smoothness, and taste especially.
  11. Like I said Napthalene is a derivative of Benzene. You don't want that stuff in your body lol...
  12. Bics, plain, simple, cheap, effective. Only problem is they suck when its windy outsside, there has to be a way to fix this?
  13. i have used Djeep lighters, for over 20 years. they last a long time, and work great at capping bowls ^^
  14. Hemp wicks for the win. After wicks I would say hakkos and glass rods, then Bics. Eh, I really don't use matches so they come in dead last.
  15. I lost my bic lighter and had to use matches once.

    Never again.

    Bic ftw.
  16. Bic and hemp wick FTW.

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