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wich one?

  1. day light

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  2. cool withe

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  1. i got a 3 week plant (growing indoor) and i would like to know wich kind of light would be better to use. i got 2 fluorescent tube. one is "day light" and the other is "cool withe" wich one should be better?????
  2. cool white, what's the wattage?
  3. btw my plant is under my flouos light but are right under the windows too so the plant can catch light from fluous and from the sun. do the sun is good for flowering??? i mean lot of red???
  4. i forgot about that, i was gonna ask it too... my pics of my plants kinda show it but they are directly under a skylight. i have a towel over the skylight cuz frankly it makes my bedroom a fucking sauna, but would that help uncovering the skylight? thanks


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  5. get a fan on ur plants there weak they need to get alot thinker around the stem... dont blow your plants over though take it easy lol.... also your gonna need a lil more watts ( lumens) on a plant 30 watts isnt enuyff.... cool wqhites will work best...

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