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  1. i got a 3 week plant and im not sure wich kind of light would be better? i got 2 fluorescent tubes light. one is cool withe and the other is day light . wich one should be better for growing??
  2. Well if by 'daylight' you mean an agro flouro, Id go with cool whites, what is the wattage? I am using two 40 watt CW tubes, and im now 2 weeks into flowering, its doing quite alright.

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  3. 1x 36 inches 30 watts
  4. Ave

    If flouros are a must, it is best to provide as much watttage to your plants as possible, so the higher the better. the answer to which should be better for growing under, is that cool whites are one up on the daylights, as the CW provide the more blue spectrum and perhaps even more of the others, and they do seem to be more intense when looked at in comparison to the daylights (which look very pink when next to a CW), although this is my opinion, I did an experiment with my plant. it was under the daylights for quite a while with no significant growth, but when switched to 2 -40w CW tubes, she began growing evidently perhaps a little experimentation is needed on your part to decide what your strain favors most, but I say go the cool white way.

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  5. where could i buy a grow lux light??? and how much it cost??
  6. Ave,

    If im not mistaken, Sylvania are the makers of grolux, and your most likley to find sylvania lights than any other brand when browsing the light aisles, so my guess is that if the store you go to doesnt have the gro lux lites (which you would think any large store would have possibly even a kmart or similiar, and most likely any garden store) they will be able to order it for you, but if this is the case, you can also order them all over the web, it all depends on your area and if you want to buy with credit cards or cash... (cash is obviously better for security reasons)

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