Light too close? (pics)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by CloudN9ne67, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. The plant is about 6-7 inches from the light. I felt the plant was stretching to get light so I moved it a lil closer

    Should I move the plant away a little?


  2. nope if you can put your hand under it and its not hot then you are ok

    you could probably move it 1 inch away if its not hot
  3. Is that a fluro tube? Id move it 2 inchs away or so which gives it a little space to grow each day before you readjust to 2 inchs.
  4. Ive used floros and had em grow into the light with no problem
  5. u can let em touch them lights wouldnt bother em keep two inches away ideally
  6. Definitely move it closer like stated above, it makes a big difference when dealing with floros.
  7. I have two six hundred hps lamps in a five by five, but I also have six four foot floros that I have a couple on each wall and the branches grow roght into the tube with no ill effect at all...thats the really good thi.g about floros is they throw jack shit for heat
  8. image-1830145649.png

    This is what I'm working with.

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