Light timers?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenThumb2114, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Just a quick question! Would any light timer work? Such as one from walmart? Or would you recommend a more expensive brand?

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  2. Hi as long ad they got saftey standards use any. Im in uk but a paid about £3 for mine( around price of a bottle beer) and been working for over 5yrs wi no problems. I av paid more for em at times from grow shop as was too lazy to go shopping !!!! But any timer will do imo . Hope it goes well. Xxx
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  3. Anything made by Intermatic is what you should buy. Yeah you can buy cheaper but cheap solder connectors vs screwed fastened connectors will have you never having to worry that a power surge will start a flash fire. Been there, and it wasn't pretty, so don't do that...
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  4. Hi . Luckerly had no flash fire on my timers and tbh i am not technical!!! So dont understand about solder or screw bits lol. But after reading wat ya said i think i may go and av mine checked just to be safe. Xxx
  5. And put in the battery backup right away! I waited. Because I work two jobs there's things that I can miss over a day or even two. Almost wound up with a tent full of Herms. :D

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  6. As long as its rated amps is higher than what your lights are drawing any should be fine
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