light timers wont function ???

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  1. well i have two of these light timers, i have read the instructions but when i go check to see if the lights are off. it never is
    help me with these they are frustating ass hell

    the 1st pics i only have two of those tabs the red and green one

    the 2nd one, tells me to push the down the black tabs which i want the light to stay on...
    have done that but no process?>?

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  2. Do you have that dial set in the auto or the on positon. Auto is where you want it for the timer to control the outlet.
  3. ^This.

    In pic 1 check that small white wheel dial shown on the top. In pic 2 check the orange slider thing shown on the side.
  4. right now im using the 2nd pic timer...
    so i want it the light to turn off at 6pm. and ON at 10pm.. i should put it on timer mode... i pushed down all the black tabs beside 6p-10p
  5. Close up pics of your options would be good. The crappy $6 Walmart ones have little to no chance of working correctly, just so you know.
  6. Why don't you just run your lights 24/7. Marijuana does not need a dark period and will grow all the time it has light.
  7. What was the actual current time set to on the timer when you did this? If it was between 6p and 10p then the lights were programmed to be off at that time. To test it, you can rotate the dial around 24 hours to see if it clicks on at 10p and then off again at 6p.

    I agree you could go 24/0 for now, but sooner or later you will need to sort this out to flower.

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